About Me

Each day brings new healing.

Each day brings new healing.

Healing yourself is connected with healing to others.  My name is Pania Casey and I am here to walk by your side on your unique spiritual healing journey.

Allow me to guide you through this journey of healing of mind, body and soul.

Many of us do not let go of painful past and wounds, and it prevents us from enjoying pure love and peace within ourselves. We need not fight with realities. It took me many years to learn this.

If you start accepting the way things are, the process of healing begins, and the journey of overcoming physical and emotional pains become easier.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your life looks like, you are never alone you have spirit guides sending you helpful messages every step of the way.


There are always doors opening right in front of you by raising your vibration through healing work this gives you the courage to walk through these doors to create what you truly desire & deserve.

When I empower you, you empower me and together we empower everyone.

When I heal you, you heal me and together we heal everyone.

Within me honors and acknowledges the divine light within you.

Pania Casey
Each day brings new healing 🙏

I believe through our healing journey together the relationship between the healer and client becomes one.

About Me

I am a descendent of a long line of Moari healers and have been gifted healing abilities from birth this I am truly grateful for.

I was also born with psychic gifts as my grandmother from my Scottish heritage was incredibly psychic.

My background as a Martial Artist for thirty-six years has taught me respect, inner strength & a determined mindset to never give up.

Through my Martial art’s journey I am now an instructor and fourteen times world champion this was not an easy journey but one that has taught me to believe in myself & to never give up.

I feel honoured to be a lightworker, reiki master, intuitive guide, certified crystal healer, certified tibetan singing bowl practitioner, fourteen times world champion & karate instructor, qualified personal trainer & a mother to six beautiful children.

From a very young age I’ve had the ability to manifest my visions my goals and my dreams.

This was me at 10 years of age in Tokyo Japan demonstrating in front of 20,000 at Tokyo Dome K1 World Title. I was invited there three times to represent my country.

As a 6 year old I dreamt of representing my country and making Australia, my family & myself proud and through a strong mindset, determination, courage, dedication, practice, repetition, manifestation, visualisation and training I represented Australia over 15 times and became 14 times world and over 20 years Australian champion.

I am here to help you strengthen your mindset as we walk together on your healing path. As I walk by your side spirit & universal energy will help awaken your own unique gifts that you are all born with so that you start to remember what it is you truly desire and deserve & to be able to see more clearly. You are here for a reason and to find self love and happiness is number one then the rest will follow. Trust & Surrender and believe in yourself you are truly worthy and divine just the way you are.


Reiki Master

Intuitive Guide

Certified Crystal Healer

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Gift yourself this time it’s time to focus on you!… YOU DESERVE THIS.

Are you feeling this is calling you? Please message me for more information.

When we focus on self-love and fill our cup we can see clearly, breathe easier & feel more balanced allowing us to feel more grounded and able to cope and understand things happening around us.

Our mind guides us through life, learning to strengthen our mindset can tremendously help our life journey.

Reiki also enables us to remember very powerful things about ourselves that have been long forgotten, things that can help us through lessons we are facing past & present. What we focus on now creates our future.

Holistic Harmony by Pania


Miami, Gold Coast
QLD, Australia

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I am here to walk by your side on your unique spiritual healing journey.