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Crystal healing is a complementary therapy which focuses on the underlying cause of the problem or disease behind the disease or illness within the body. It also works on the philosophy of attaining a level of well-being that is not simply from freedom, it also includes listening to our feelings, emotions and thoughts, and nurturing our spiritual lives.

Where there is an imbalance or dis-ease, crystals gently realign patterns & subtle bodies, bringing them back into balance & creating a state of well-ness.

As well as relieving symptoms, crystals may also reveal the root of the problem so that you can bring about necessary changes to avoid the symptoms from re-occuring.

A Crystal reiki healing session includes a full hour of Reiki ‘hands on healing’ with intuitively selected crystals placed on the body in a particular pattern to rejuvenate, refresh and balance the mind and body

The client will also be intuitively guided to select various Crystal Alley Cards and the related crystal cards will work with us throughout the healing session. The client will also be given channeled spiritual guidance from the crystal cards selected.

Once the Reiki session is finished and the crystals removed the I will use a Pendulum over every chakra, repairing and cleansing any remaining negative blockages, holes, tears or leaks in the auric field with a quartz wand and the entire auric field and chakra system sealed with psychic protection.

Everything around us is energy, and crystals have become a popular tool to connect to the different energies, understand them, and heal from them. Often referred to as “record keepers,” crystals are the tangible connection we have to earth’s natural elements and energy. While crystals and gemstones are pure and aesthetically pleasing in their form, their true beauty lies within their healing and cleansing properties. More than ever, we turn to alternative healing methods in this time of uncertainty, like crystal healing, to retreat to nature as a source of medicine and tapping into intuitive practices to self-heal. “Crystals are tools unearthed for a reason and here to help us all.

Cost: $220.00 – approx. 2 hour session
Package of four sessions for $830 save $50.00 (to be paid in advance)

Your booking is not complete until payment has been made. Please make payment below to complete your booking.

Unpaid bookings will be cancelled.

Pay for 1 session $220

Pay for 4 sessions $830

Cancellation Policy

Being an in-demand therapist, I have a waitlist. No shows and last-minute cancellations not only waste my time but prevent others from accessing therapy when it is truly needed by them.

If you need to cancel or postpone your appointment, please give at least 24 hrs notice. If you cancel within this timeframe or fail to show for an appointment you will be charged the full fee.

To cancel or reschedule an appointment please phone 0435239888 or email The contact form of this website may also be used.

*Fee may be waived under exceptional circumstances (i.e. in the case of emergency or sudden unexpected illness)

“Pania is the most beautiful healer! I had my first appointment with her recently and the connection she has with the universe is magical. I left feeling more grounded and much more relaxed. I look forward to my next healing."

– Steph Mcpherson

“I recently visited Pania for a Reiki session. Not only did I leave feeling more relaxed and grounded, but gained a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Thank you Pania for listening and making me feel so at ease. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to seek clarity and calm in their lives."

– Kristie

“From the minute you book your session you feel profound shifts in your energy. A connection is created and amplified during Intuitive Reiki with Pania. Her presence is very grounding and and her healing , all that flows through her, creates deep connection within your being. Very powerful indeed. My body feels healed at a cellular level. Clearing old pathways to make space for a new restorative life. Taking home a knowing of how to continue to heal yourself Mind, Body and Heart. I highly recommend booking in a session to experience these impactful healings for yourself. So very grateful."

– Alison Brinsley

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